Fashion in 2020

I used to think it was only my home state, North Carolina, with crazy weather year round and shorter winters as I grew up. As I’ve met new people from all over, and of course heard the news, I see the craziness has been everywhere.

Hoping our society can move forward to saving the globe, I simply want to highlight a few ways to easily adapt with this weather and enjoy the world that is still our gift to explore!

Here’s some fashion in autumn tips:

Layers are good right now

In case a reminder is needed, layers will be a great choice in these months of transitioning weather. Some days are hot, some are cold, and some even have dramatic temperature changes throughout. Pairing a simple cardigan or vest with a lighter shirt is an easy way to regulate yourself with the changes. Scarfs create their own layer too because they cover the chest when you’re wearing light open jackets and cardigans. The same can be said for ear muffs, and they’re very stylish! When you just cover exposed parts of your body, it really helps to regulate your whole body’s temperature and you can put them on and off as needed.


Colors set the mood

I may be a bit traditional but I love fall colors and I love to wear them in the fall season. Who knew? Though the world is changing around us, it can be good to invite some familiarity when it makes you happy. Deep colors like burgundy, plum, chocolate, olive, mustard yellow, and bronze are a few of my favorites that make me feel like it’s really fall.

You can also change the décor in your home to complement the fall season.

Mix your summer/fall/winter clothes

When I discovered this trick, I realized life and my fashion will never be the same. I’ve always heard that you switch out your summer and winter clothes, but what happens in between? I didn’t immediately think of blending materials and layers to find pairings that work when temperatures aren’t dramatically hot or cold.

But this can save you money, closet space, and frustration. And a bonus is how it allows you to be creative with your style, which is so necessary.

I’ve paired:

  • A sweater, skirt and boots
  • A poncho, jeans and tank top (various shoes depending on weather)
  • Sandals with socks, skirt/pants, long sleeve shirt

and the list can go on! And that’s the point, that part is fun.


Find your go-to style

Then you have to find your go-to style. Whatever makes you feel comfortable to be yourself is the best way to think about style. And we usually all gravitate to our own theme of dress. This isn’t the end-all-be-all but it’s your style for now. You can fall back on it when you’re running late, running errands or having a “lazy” day because you know this style works and you don’t need to try on your entire closet to find an outfit.

My go-to style this fall is a long pencil cloth skirt with a light or sleevless top, a flowy cardigan and pair of cute booties. My new wardrobe consists of various colors that complement each other so I can swap skirts, shirts, shoes and cardigans to create endless fashion choices. And with the accessories I create and wear, I can match them with all colors and wear them multiple ways.

I have fun when I go into my closet because I have no clue how I’ll end up dressing for the day. It’s liberating to approach your closet with wonder, carelessness and optimism! Make sure you’ve set up your closet to complement you.

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