How hairstyles change your whole life

So many women and girls connect their hair to a part of their identity. And it’s no vain thing! Our hair has been with us through thick and thin and we connect for sentimental reasons, not just vanity. But when our hair is looking its best, watch out world! We can literally get anything done. Sometimes when we’re in a rut or just have low emotional energy, you’d be surprised what pampering yourself will do for your productivity and esteem! This area of our lives needs to be charged consistently, however. And that’s where many of us fall short. We can everything for everyone else but when it comes to ourselves, the rules change. I’m here to shed light on what our beautiful naturally-growing tresses can do for us and why we have to love on this part of our body a bit more:

Hairstyles change your whole look

Women are pros at switching up our hairstyles. The most I usually do is straighten my curly hair but even that does so much for my confidence because I look different in my mirror. The change is refreshing and can even make outfits look new because sometimes people can’t even pinpoint what’s different.

I love looking at the creativity from others with colors, curls, updos, braids, wigs, weaves, accessories, etc. It’s pure art. And it’s almost like you’re meeting a new person every time the switch-up happens. And I’ve seen the craziest, coolest color mixtures from all cultures. So if you’ve been a bit bored with your style lately, a hairstyle change could be just the thing you need!

Hairstyles change your whole mood

How many times do you think you stare at your nails once you’ve left the nail salon? It’s a euphoric feeling; you took some time to love on yourself and now the world can see it too. This is the same feeling you get with your hair, and it can be as dramatic as dying your entire head or as simple as putting in a hair clip or parting your hair differently.

Here’s a secret: Your mood is so much lighter when you feel good about yourself. Things don’t irritate you as easily and you’re even able to execute with more confidence. I think subconsciously we just know we’re too cute to break a sweat. So if someone’s been irritating you at work or school, get your hair done. You’ll feel so much bigger than the situation, I’m telling you!

Hairstyles change your mindset

This isn’t a stretch. A study commissioned by Physique and carried out by researchers at Yale University found that “bad hair days” increase levels of both self-doubt and personal criticism. But when you look good, you feel more in control of things around you. So if your appearance is “well-managed” your life can be too. The key is to pour love into all areas of your life that need it and you should always start with you first. When you take care of you, taking care of everything and everyone else will be easy and it will be worth it.

You can love yourself as dramatic or as subtle as you want to. Just make sure you do it sometimes, your hair has been with you a long time!


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