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In each handcrafted piece, We sow Endurance to help you Embrace, Evolve & Express yourself!

Hey There!

Step 1: Choose your "Pin"

Shairpins are interchangeable accessories! Say hello to your new favorite fashion piece that shows off just how unique & complex you are!

Step 2: Choose how you'll wear it

Are you more into hair clips, necklaces, brooches or earrings? Shairpins can transform into each of these choices. So how many ways can you express yourself?

Step 3: Choose ANOTHER way to wear it

This is where you get the full experience of Shairpins and your own creativity. We call ourselves MAXimalists because we get the most out of our fashion! Choose from our bundles or shop a la carte.


Color of the Month: Orange

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The functionality works great! It's so easy to use

Chloe M

I LOVE that it's interchangeable! They're a fantastic fashion statement and conversation piece


Thank you for my lovely pin. It went great with my outfit today!